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The Magical World of Consistency

Have you ever been up at night? I mean late at night. That is the realm of infomercial hell (or heaven, depending on your view.)

Remember, you can make millions placing “tiny classified ads” in a bunch of newspapers. Or what about “Tom Vu” in those real estate commercials surrounded by all of those beautiful women?


Are you kidding me. That guy was such a dork, but I guess that was the power of that commercial that caused men who said to themselves “If I buy his course I can also get laid”.

There are countless infomercials which smell words than cesspools, that prey on insecurities in order you to sell you something that is either not true like “The Greatest Vitamin in the World”, or mixes truths with a bunch of falsehoods.

Why do these infomercials still persist to this day? That is because of the microwave mentality that infects countless people who want an instant solutions to all of their issues.

They want a pill to be able to lose the fat around their belly when they could just stop stuffing their face with those devil dogs.

Or how about those tv pitches for you to buy business secrets that will make you a millionaire for a mere $39, then be frustrated that there is information missing, but you can get pieces that you need in the psychically prepared up sells.

The honest truth is that are no quick fixes. The stories that you hear were people were overnight successes were due to either you not knowing the story if what they went thur to achieve the success that they did, or they achieved their success through some sort of dishonesty.

The person that is diligent, which means to be constant over a long period of time, is the person that we all can be.

What does this mean? It mean that you too can be wildly successful in life if you are willing to pay the price to increase your success ratio.

The power in succeeded is to do 6,000 steps over a period of time, not the 10 step method.

Putting your nose to the grindstone. This is what our grandparents understood. It took consistent effort over a period of time to get to their desired destination.

Did you ever hear of the penny analogy for success? If you had a choice between getting 3 million in cash and 1 penny a day for 30 days, which would you pick?

Now I really want you to try this exercise. Close your eyes and imagine someone opening up a suitcase and dumping 3 million dollars on your lap. Then open your eyes. Go ahead and do it.

I bet your heart was beating with the thought of getting 3 million dollars. I know my heart would be beating. Hey, I like money!!!

But now I want you to try the second part of this exercise. I want you to imagine that money just being ripped from your hands from the Joker (You know… Batman!!) laughing in your face and then throwing a penny on your lap.

With the evil smirk, The Joker tells you it will double every day for 31 days. Now do this exercise, and then open your eyes.

Well, how did that feel? It depends if you understand the power of compounding. While the Joker may have thought he had won out, the joke’s really on him.

You see, due to the magic of compounding, that penny doubling every day for 31 days, will increase to just over 10.7 millions dollars!!!

That reminds me of the old “Mustard seed” proverb, which states that mustard seed being the smallest seed grows to be a huge plant.

Sometimes what appears to be small, is just waiting for the compound effect to take over and turn it into something great!


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