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A Cesspool System that should have been in Pakistan

So my last blog post I talked a bit about my first shopping experience in France. Like I mentioned the purpose of this blog is not only to discuss some of my travel adventures, but any type of adventure that I have.

I recently had an adventure with the cesspool maintenance at my house and had to give a local Suffolk county company, Cesspool Service Long Island ( a call.


There are so much other home costs, the last thing you want to deal with is something that is as personal as your toilet backing up. The thing is, not only does your toilet back up, but this backs up into your bathtub, kitchen sink…

Yea, it is pretty disgusting but, it is something you have to deal with if you are not attached to a sewer system.

I have actually been to countries that the sewer system was literally in the open. So you want to talk about an open and disgusting cesspool.

I remember when I was in Karachi Pakistan. This is a city that really needs a cesspool service. Besides the scores of dilapidated building that just littered the dark cityscape

You would see opened sewer drains everywhere. Well at least to be fair, in the part of the city that was not a slum, constituting less than 10% of the total land mass of Karachi, the sewers appeared to be that if the quality of a second rate city.

I actually went out on a tour with a few guys. Why I would do that, is beyond me. If a country that is completely insane when it comes to foreigner such as Pakistan

Anyway, you know those dresses those men wear? I do not know what the heck is the name, nor do I care.

I just remember when some guy squatting over the open cesspool and took a dump right then and there.

This was the most unsightly thing I had ever saw in my life. It looked like rotten bread. Now you may be saying that maybe that was just a vagrant. The problem was the entire town was full of flies. It was almost like their were pets for all of city dwellers.

Maybe they were like seagulls that follow a fishing boat coming in a on a long day’s fishing expedition. There know there is lots of fish scraps that will be thrown overboard for food.

I guess this is how the flies look at these towns. It is almost like it is a buffet for them.

I wonder if they have a menu system of where the best waste is located at. At this block is where all the folks overdid it with the curry. At the next block is where they had chicken tandoori. Yummy!!

Anyway, back to my septic system problems. At least here in Suffolk County Long Island, we have the ability to deal with septic tank pumping, cesspool system replacement, or any other type of sewage system problem pretty rapidly with very little change of yellow fever developing!!

So, they guys from Cesspool Service Long Island paid a trip to my house. I did not have to break out the sandwiches and lemonade to get them to work. Actually, I did, plus I gave them hand sanitizer which I instructed them to use very liberally.

The cesspool just needed to be pumped. That was a really good thing. It did not cost me a bunch of money, just about $500.

If I was in Pakistan, the flies would have had a field day with all of the free food.


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