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Opening a Successful Tree Removal Service in Long Island NY

Have you always been good at workman tasks outdoors like pruning, weeding or mowing? Do you love working on something different each time?

If your answer is yes to these questions you are a good candidate to start a business as a tree removal service in Suffolk County NY. Working with trees gives you and reason to be outdoors most of the day and you can be sure each tree presents a different challenge.


Big business

While there are other business you can start such as a cesspool service business or a hvac repair company, a tree removal service is not only fun but it is also big business. Trees are always growing and there is shortage of people with good skills for the job. It is estimated the tree service industry generates over $15 billion a year and engages 205,000 people.  A tree trimmer’s wages range from $10 to $20 and you can charge from $75 to $1.400 depending on the task. Clearly there is serious money to be made in this industry. You too can claim a share of this pie.

The basics

Like every other business, you must have the basics in place for better chances at success. A tree removal long island business will require a business plan, skills and equipment, legal paperwork, and an understanding of the market.

Business plan

Any business needs a plan so that you can form out your ideas coherently. A business plan will help you look at issues like the marketing, competition, resource needs and finances. Making a business plan will need a comprehensive look at the market; how big is the market in Long island, how many other tree services business are in play, what is unique about your service, and how will you reach the market.

You will also need to look at the resources at hand; do you have the skills or are you going to hire, how many people will you need on the job, do you have the required capital to buy or lease equipment, and what are your likely sources of capital.

Finally you will have to have a rough idea if your business is feasible or not; how much will you put in, what is the break even period, what are the estimated cash flows, and can you project a profit.

Having a coherent business plan can open the door to lending facilities. Many lenders will need to see at least a 3 year projection of finances so that they can gauge your business’ viability and the ability to repay the loan. A business plan is also for your own good as it will help you make evaluations along the way, of what you have achieved.

If you think you are lacking in business skills, you can always contact the nearest chapter of the Small Business Association. You can check out sample business plans on their site as well as tons of other resources on new businesses.

Legal paperwork

If you think that your business model is unique, you can opt for a trademark to make you stand out. You can use an attorney to guide you through the process which will cost you around $2500.

You can opt to just register your business by getting a business name. You must  register the business with the state so that you can get a business license.  The license is a necessity as many potential clients will ask to see it. The final step will be at the IRS which will issue you with an Employee Identification Number which you can use to open a business account.

Insuring your business will be a good idea. You will get more customers if they are satisfied that any damages will be compensated. It is also for your own good.  Tree trimming is a risky business as it involves putting down heavy objects with a high possibility of accidents involving people and property.

Skills required

You have to have skills in tree handling or get someone who is skilled in it. Some of the skills are;

  • Be an A-1 climber
  • Be knowledgeable of trees
  • Know how to do pressure cutting
  • Know how to handle tree knots
  • Be good with chainsaw usage and maintenance
  • Know how to do proper tree removal and disposal

Equipment needed

This will be the biggest tree removal cost Long island business need. Some of the must have equipment is;

  • Ladder
  • Climbing Boots
  • Ear Protection
  • Helmet
  • Eye Guard
  • Bull Rope
  • Saddle
  • Chain saw
  • Climbing Rope
  • Logging Saw
  • Climbing Saw
  • Pole Saw
  • Clips
  • Wedges
  • Oil Can
  • Orange Cones
  • Wedges

Getting the jobs

Landscaping businesses can give you good business leads. You can partner with Small landscaping businesses that do not have the necessary equipment for tree removal. The Small Business Association will also aid you in marketing your business.

As an outdoors person, you can also walk around and identify trees that need servicing or removal then approach the owners and pitch directly on the need for the service. Whatever marketing approach you make, you will not be short of work in Long Island.The key is consistency.

This blog and others will help to give you insights into getting the help you need to be successful.


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