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Jerry Here.

You know, living in the New York area, you see a lot of negativity, and a lot of people just acting miserable. I have been all over the U.S. and I have to say that i think that New York is one of the angriest places.

Now for the rest of you folks reading this blog who disagree with me, well you may be correct!!. I have also been to Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Fransisco and many other big cities. L.A. and Chicago are definitely pretty angry and  negative

With Chicago, you combine the brutal winters along with the hate factor that is involved, then, you have hate to the 10th power.

Now I am sure there are people in the Chicago area that are full of good will towards others around them. I have been to the windy city numerous times and I have run into many great people.

I actually lived for a while in Waukegan Illinois. I did not have a girlfriend at the time so from that perspective, there was no way for me to show any kind of extra kindness. What I tried to do was just to be nice to everyone around me.

Before I forget. I once lost my wallet at video game parlor. I had run back to place to see if I could find my walled and i did not. Later in the day I had gotten a call that someone had found the wallet and wanted to give it back to me.

So I was pretty happy to get it back

See, it does not matter if you lose sometimes. That will always happen. What makes a difference if your Success Ratio is higher then your failure ration.

So let us be the glass half full crowd, Let us strive to always look for the best in every situation.